How to Make Disc Brake Caliper Safe from Bandit

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One component Easy motorized bicycle is stolen brake calipers. How NOT, Many of Which Only caliper bolts associated BY commonplace. If NO TYPE bolt lying, hand tools The emerging market Can Still open. as quoted from liputan6

So, what solution for a review in order to prevent the brake calipers NOT stolen? Firmansyah Saftari hearts Minor book Atik Automotive (2009) Got the solution. According to him, the key to the brake calipers NOT stolen is strengthening hook, hearts husband HAL bolt.

First, prepare the epoxy glue Easy acquired in Super market. Husband glue component comprises from prayer, ie AS Main Ingredients epoxy glue, as well as a catalyst for a review hardener AS Main glue harden.

Then, mix the components prayer COMPARISON WITH Exactly the same thing. Mixed taxable income, average cap Until bolt hole. Clean up your incorrect glue remainder OR WITH cloth wipes. Taxable income dried, Guaranteed bolt Very Difficult will be opened.

To open Back NOT be easy, including those the owner himself. At least, Keep Up Time 5 Minutes 10 to review sculpt glue on one bolt with a small screwdriver WITH The Sharp Edge.  

Naturally BUT, Better struggled like It's Not, rather than take the risk of brake calipers costing hundreds of thousands of stolen thief?

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