How Nice Installing Features Cruise Control?

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ANEH92 - Cruise control is now a standard feature in cars that cost from $ 300 million. Without cruise control, driving long distances on the highway probably will make legs more sore.

Using cruise control then the car will go without our constant need to press the accelerator. With the cruise control the car will be more fuel efficient because it constantly drove earlier.

Mitsubishi Delica, for example, already has this feature, how fitting using cruise control?

Understand the buttons - Cruise control is usually inserted in the steering wheel or the steering wheel, usually on the right.

In general there are some buttons such as Cruise, the +, - key, and there is a button to cancel the Cruise Control Cancel.

Turning on cruise control - Surely in order to turn on the cruise control, the car must be in a running state. According to the driver Rifat Sungkar, cruise control in a car Delica for example, can only be turned on when the car is at speed of 40-100 km per hour.

"Click on the first button, then the on-screen display will show signs Cruise vehicle," he said.

After that, squeeze the Set button, to set the pace we wanted. The pace car will survive. If we suppress the current set speed of 50 miles per hour, then the car will be traveling at that speed, both in the horizontal road conditions, bend or so.

Increase or decrease the speed - To increase the speed when cruise control is very easy to walk. In some cars you can see the + button. Massage this button will increase the speed of the car about 1.6 miles per hour every once in a pinch.

"In the current Delica added speed will feel smooth for wearing CVT," said Rifat Sungkar.

To reduce the speed is also easy, just massage on the key - it then the car speed will be decreased. In some types of cars, press the button a few seconds Coast will decrease the speed of the vehicle.

While to pick up speed as the Delica cars simply press the ACC Res for all.

Cancel the cruise control - When was busy driving with cruise control and suddenly there is a vehicle or other object on the streets, so if you put the brakes, the cruise control will automatically direct die.

But you can reset the cruise control by hitting the reset button, or in another car enough anymore massage cruise button. The car will be returned to the cruise control.


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