3 Ways a Woman's Most Chosen to Overcome Hair Loss

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ANEH92 - Hair loss is experienced by more than 50% of women. When experiencing hair problems, various methods are attempted. Of the many ways to tackle hair loss, what are the most commonly chosen?

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The first way is the most preferred woman was to wear a special shampoo hair loss. Of the 116 respondents, there were 36% of women who use the shampoo. "Pake OBT plus anti loss shampoo," wrote one respondent. 

After a shampoo, which is also done so that the hair does not fall out of the respondents mention is cream bath and hair spa. 28% of respondents who chose the method was quite effective consider how to make their hair does not fall out again. 

The third way that is often used by the respondent when their hair loss is to use natural products. 25% of respondents who chose a natural way to mention pecans, aloe to olive oil as a way to cope with hair loss. 

"Use hazelnut oil until the end of the hair root and hair let stand overnight. Later became more black hair and strong :)," wrote one respondent on Twitter. 

In addition to the above three ways, there are still other measures selected by respondents when experiencing hair loss. 20% of respondents believe the hair tonic can make hair fall out so much healthier. While another 16% believe a haircut is the best solution to overcome the loss. There were also respondents who use masks, serums and hair vitamins that their hair is falling again. What about you? [SUMBER]

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