Separated Since Birth, Female Twins Korea's Origin Finally Meets Because Accidental

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ANEH92 -  Imagine what would happen if one day you stumbled upon the fact that you have a sibling that you did not know before. Small is unlikely, but it is experienced by South Korean female twins, Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman. 
Separated Since Birth, Female Twins Korea's Origin Finally Meets Because Accidental

Adopted by two different families, both of them did not know the existence of each other until the end of 2013 and then reunited by accident! Anais, who now lives in Brussels, Belgium initially received a photo of an actress from one of his friends. 

The friend said that the actress has a face similar to Anais. Anais also was surprised to face with the actress is none other than the Samantha, which looks very similar to his twin brother. 

After seeing the trailer, starring Samantha, ie '21 & Over ', Anais decided to find out the profile and menguhubunginya Samantha, in the belief that he and Samantha definitely has a relationship. He immediately knew after seeing that the place and date of birth at Samantha really looks like. 

In February 2013, Anais also contact Samantha via Facebook. Both had mutually awkward, but Anais and Samantha finally decided to contact each other via video call in Skypke, before eventually learned that both have the same favorite, ketiaksukaan, nature, and others. 

Both were eventually confirmed that there is a blood relationship after a DNA test and finally met face to face in May 2013. Many cases in South Korean twins separated at birth. Because adopi agent wrote that Anais and Samantha does not have a brother, they both do not even know that they have a brother. 

Some have also speculated that in order to avoid the negative stigma of mothers without fathers, many Korean women give birth in secret before handing her to the adoption agency. Currently, Anais and Samantha live separately, as Anais lived in Paris, while Samantha in Los Angeles. 

However, they keep in touch with each other and share their stories to the world through a book called 'Separated at Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited' and has made a documentary. 

Samantha that has established a organiasi named Kindres along with the Glee star who was also born in South Korea, Jenna Ushkowitz. Together, they provide financial and emotional support for orphans and adoption worldwide.

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