Dubai Ciptakan Wine Halal dengan Butiran Emas

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ANEH92 - "Dubai Menciptakan Wine Halal dengan Butiran Emas" Nonalcoholic wine? Impossible is not it? But recently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has launched products with the brand of nonalcoholic wine Lussory Gold. Not only a 0.0% alcohol content, there is a 24 carat gold powder was also dissolved in it. 

Dubai Ciptakan Wine Halal dengan Butiran Emas

This type drinks white wine imported by Lootah Premium Foods, the supplier of upscale restaurants in the United Arab Emirates with the number of shipments of 26,000 bottles per month. 
Quoted from Reuters, Tony Colley, chief manager Lootah said, "Gold in them instead untuka any reason other than because it is fun, fantastic, and reflects Dubai." 

Dismark Products as the manufacturer is a company from Spain that produces red wine, white wine, and Brut (sparkling) wine kosher certified. They use local wines from La Mancha, Spain and techniques from Germany to eliminate the alcohol content before it is packaged. 

Dismark using a unique natural recipes, free glycerin, sugar, and additives that are found in most of the other non-alcoholic wine. 

Mentioned that this wine at a wine or champagne versatile as ordinary alcoholic. Can be mixed in food or other drink mixes. Of course, with a sprinkling of gold. 

In Dubai and the countries of the United Arab Emirates was actually regulations on alcoholic beverages are stringent. Therefore there have been several other wine producers who also produce a similar beverage. In Palestine, there are Halal Taybeh beer is also a non-alcoholic. While in France are also certified kosher brand champagne Night Orient. In8i also welcome the increasing market demand of a similar type of beverage without the alcohol content. 

If interested, Lussory Dubai Gold can be found in cafes Bystro in Al Manara Road at a price of 550 UAE dirhams (USD 1.76 million) per bottle. (ins / rin) [SUMBER]

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