Keys to Successful Photo Portrait When Travelling

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ANEH92 - Many photographers claim to difficulties when they want to shoot portrait / human interest while traveling. Usually constrained local languages ​​that are difficult to understand. Then, the resulting shots limited to simple snapshot photos without a meaningful story and less creative. 

Keys to Successful Photo Portrait When Travelling
Foto portrait karya David Lazar (petapixel)

According to the Australian photographer David Lazar as quoted from PetaPixel, these weaknesses can be avoided. That is if the photographer confident, aka confidence to interact with the subject. 

"I developed approaches and techniques over the years to build confidence as a photographer portrait photographers," said photographer and won several awards Garuda Indonesia Best Photographer in the culture category. 

Lazar told me, he used to meet and spend time chatting before removing the camera and ask permission photographing. This provision requires a longer time than usual. 

"I try not to show photographic equipment when browsing a new place. I just carry a sling bag and a camera with a 24-85mm lens. This is so that there is no distance or create prejudice in the beginning of the meeting," said Lazar. 

"What am I doing this takes patience to build relationships with the local community. It may take some time to allow shooting with the best results," said the photographer who has traveled the five continents. 

From that approach, Lazar able to create a closer relationship. Not limited to the relationship photographer and subject, but like family.

"Take the time to build interaction relaxed, informal atmosphere and capture personal relationships. Learning a few words of local languages ​​can also break the ice. But, if you do not master the local language, the facial expressions and behavior becomes more important. Smile and show interest in the -people who you meet, "advises photographers who often uses the Nikon D800. 

After completion approaches, Lazar gives advice to find your subject that has a very strong character faces. Because, portraits / good human interest usually capable of recording the face with an interesting and unique character. 

"If you meet someone with a face that you think will be strong, try to imagine how the photograph. And then get involved in their community. Then asked if I could take a picture. If you're smiling, polite and humble, most of them will say yes," he said. [SUMBER]

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