Google Employees Trapped Student Send Nude Photos

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ANEH92 - Google employees are the company's tarnished the great name. He caught trapping a student so send nude photos, and then try to blackmail. 

Quoted from NYDailyNews, Tuesday (10/28/2014), the suspect named Nicholas Rotundo. 23-year-old man working at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. 
Google Employees Trapped Student Send Nude Photos

It turns out that although the smart brains, Nicholas had a nasty side in her. One day, he sent an email to a student of the University of Texas. Nicholas writes that she is holding a study titled 'breast perception study'. 

The core of the study is to examine public perceptions about the various types of breast. To the victim, Nicholas lure of money to $ 8,500 if he wants to be a participant in the study. 

Condition, victims must send nude photos of herself. Tempted by the reward is big enough, the victim sent Nicholas four were nude photos via email. But a few weeks later, the victim received an email from a different address extortion. 

Email that contains threats if he did not comply with the wishes of the sender, the picture will be disseminated. Victims are asked to send longer videos while masturbating. "If you send it, I will not share your picture on the internet," wrote the email. 

Although threatened to not report to the police, the victim was brave enough ratting on the apparatus. Nicholas also successfully identified and police seized his computer as evidence offender. On the computer, there are nude photos of the victim. 

Nicholas was arrested and threatened with severe punishment, and should not be accessing the internet in an undetermined time. Right now he will face trial. [SUMBER]

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