Indonesian Designer Works at Golden Globe Party

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ANEH92 - US actress Odette Annable, 28, wearing Indonesian designer, Peggy Hartanto, in the Golden Globe After Party in Beverly Hills, California, 12 January. Present with her partner, Dave Annable, Odette wore Peggy design collection contained in the spring and summer 2013. 

Indonesian Designer Works at Golden Globe Party

"Indonesian Designer Works at Golden Globe Party"
Clothing tops that accentuate Odette used floral green and white and sheer panels (made ​​from thin and light). Clothing is fleeting like material attached without being connected, so that the work of Peggy gives the illusion of a touch on the neckline and details holes (cut out). At the bottom of the dress (skirt) of black pencil, given a touch of technique Frock with tufted black belt inspired by the stamens of flowers. 

Outfit Peggy Hartanto, Odette wearing high heels Giuseppe Zanotti artificial, ring Karma El Khalil, and pits bag (clutch) draft Tyler Alexandra. With digerai hair and makeup simple touch, the appearance of Odette reportedly sufficient to attract attention. 

Based on information received by Tempo, Odette designed dress worn by Peggy thanks to inspiration from flowers photographed in the X-Ray. The photos are showing flower parts that are not visible to the eye. 

"Nude transparent panel is the embodiment of the concept of 'invisible' Peggy Hartanto of the overall collection Spring / Summer 2013," said Peggy in the release of Jakarta Fashion Week received by Tempo, Thursday, January 16, 2014. 

Peggy is a young designer born in Surabaya. His career in the field of fashion design began when he was formally educated at Raffles College of Design and Commerce Sydney, Australia. He graduated with the Best Student award (Award of Excellence), majoring in fashion design. [SUMBER]

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