Only 4 Percent of Indonesian Women Feel Beautiful

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ANEH92 - The confidence of the Indonesian women beauty face and body was still weak. From research conducted by Dove beauty soap, only 4 percent of women in Indonesia are aware of the beauty they possess. 

"It turns out that the majority of women do not see themselves beautiful and tend to dislike the appearance of their own," said Marketing Manager Skin Cleansing Unilever Indonesia, Eva Arisuci Rudjito, in a press conference at the Kempinski Hotel, Wednesday, September 18, 2013. 

Eva says, women always feel less beautiful because of their own assumptions and fears beautiful concepts that exist in their heads. In fact, everyone else around him look better than assuming them women themselves. 

Indonesian women's inferiority is also frequently encountered by photographer Tommy Siahaan. "Even though they are pretty, they are always insecure and felt less than perfect," said Tommy. 

He explained that one feels in Indonesian culture that differentiates it from abroad is foreign woman accustomed to receiving praise. When praised for beauty in appearance, the women will receive with gratitude. 

"While here praised for instance if you are beautiful eyes, he actually replied past does or does not believe and say that excessive praise," he said. 

Dove conducted the survey was conducted on 150 women Indonesia in major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and the other, aged 18 years and over. 

This survey is a series of global survey conducted by Dove in 25 countries involving more than 5000 people, including Indonesia. This research was conducted by Dove to deepen the understanding of the things that women face around beauty. [SUMBER]

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