5 Facts About Accident on Highway

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ANEH92 - Every driver on the road has always claimed that he is a safe driver and do not endanger other drivers. They even blame the other driver is not careful when driving.

But is it true? Following are five facts about the accident on the highway that may be the opposite of what you think. 

5 Facts About Accident on Highway
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1. Driving while Phoning not Increase Risk of Accidents

Driving while phoning is believed to increase the risk of a vehicle crash. In fact, research from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the London School of Economics and Political Science shows that driving while phoning does not increase the risk of collision.

Phoning while driving is considered not too distract the driver. It can increase the risk of accidents is typing a phone number or typing a message while driving.

Driving while dialing the phone is believed to increase the risk of accidents by 2.8-fold, driving while taking the phone increases accident risk 1.4 times, and typing messages while driving increases the risk of an accident 23-fold.

However, although driving while phoning does not increase the risk of accidents, it helps you keep the phone while driving.

2. Security features do not always reduce the risk of accidents 

A modern car has a safety feature that is quite complete, ranging from seat belts, air bags, ABS brakes, ESP up (Electronic Stability Program).
However, based on research by Dr. Fred Mannering of Purdue University found that there was no decrease in the number of road accidents significantly while utilizing the security features.
Security features generally only reduce the impact of accidents. However, for certain types of accidents, such as rear-end collisions or car rolled, some security features do not work, such as air bags. Therefore, drivers are still advised to remain cautious when

3. Always Blamed in Car Driver Accidents Motor 

Driving on the highway inevitably have to always be careful, be it our own careful not to harm others and to be careful not to become a victim of another vehicle driving recklessly.

In the case of an accident between a car with the motor, motorists often blame the car driver, and vice versa. However, ultimately, is no longer law, but rather the norm. The driver of the car inevitably indemnify bikers, especially if the motorcyclist was up seriously injured.

4. Women More Grumpy, but More Than Men Rarely Accident 

Based on research by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), women are considered more grumpy than men when driving.

However, even more irritable when driving, women are rarely in a car accident than men. The reason, she saves his anger in our hearts, while men are more expressing their anger.

5. Possible Obesity Has Died in Accident 

According to research from the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center, University of California Berkeley, obesity may be a factor in a fatal motor vehicle accident. Motorists who are too fat 78% more likely to be killed in a car accident than drivers with normal weight.

The study indicates that the driver's lower body obese pushed further forward when a collision before it reaches the pelvic seat belt because of the extra soft tissue, while the upper body remains bound by the seat belt. This causes the body of the driver can not move forward that can cause fatal injuries.

sumber: oto.detik.com

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