Factors That Make Large Sized Lens

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ANEH92 - Why is there lens specifications glimpse something like, but there is a large and small size lenses? The causes vary, among others: 

Factors That Make Large Sized Lens
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1. Focal length (lens focal length) 
The longer the focal length of his (above 85mm), then the size of the lens will automatically also become longer. Its small size is usually a lens with a wide to normal focal distance of between 28 mm to 50 mm. 

Lens with the focal distance is designed to be small in size. For a very wide lens (wide angle) lens size has the potential to be larger than a normal lens, because the design is more complicated. 

The zoom lens will also make larger lenses. Elements of the zoom lens more and more complicated so that its size is longer. 

The size of the zoom lens will be very large, especially for large berbukaan zoom lens (f / 2.8) and zoom with a long focal length range, eg 28-300 mm lens. 

2. Aperture Lens 
Here it is a very important factor, the larger the aperture, the larger size. Changes in size significantly visible in the zoom lens, especially its long focal length. 

For example, the diameter of the lens Nikon 70-200mm f / 2.8 and 70-200mm f / 4 different 17mm, and weighing up to 710 grams differ

3. Type of camera 
Rangefinder cameras and mirrorless design does not have a mirror in the camera, making it easier for the lens designer to design smaller lenses. That's why mirrorless lenses are usually relatively smaller physical size. 

DSLR cameras have a mirror in front of the image sensor, thereby making the design of the lens becomes more complicated and the size becomes larger. These factors have a big impact for a very wide lens Zeiss lens eg 15mm f / 2.8 

4. Motor autofocus and image stabilizer 
Lenses that do not have a focus motor in the lens can be designed to be more compact. The longer the focal length and the more intricate the design of the lens, the focus motor must also be stronger and bigger, so that the whole lens becomes relatively large and long. 

Lenses today many who already have an image stabilizer (vibration reduction), OSS, OIS and so on. This vibration dampers feature also takes place in the lens body. 

4. Generation of lens 
Lenses of old (film era) or the era of digital cameras that still 10 MP resolution, small size, because when combined with existing cameras, the quality is optimal. 

While in the present era, many digital cameras and more sophisticated image sensor resolution of 36 MP. 

If we put the old to the new camera lens, the image quality will not be optimal, meaning that the picture is not too detailed, and the likelihood that in the picture looks no color aberrations (chromatic abberation).

The new lens is further enhanced for this new digital camera would not want to raise the size of the diameter to accommodate the elements of the larger lenses and quality. 

For example a lens that almost no defects, Otus Zeiss 55mm f / 1.4 and 85mm f / 1.4 is relatively larger in size and weight compared with equivalent lenses. 


Designers lens is not possible to avoid the laws of physics, but various efforts and strategies have been made to make the lens more compact and lightweight. 

For example, Canon has the technology DO (diffractive optic) for some telefotonya lenses such as the Canon 400mm f / 4 DO IS USM

Sony limits the aperture to make the lens Sony Zeiss 35mm f / 2.8 is only 120 grams, and most other companies use a casing material that is lighter lenses such as plastic / polycarbonate lenses to reduce weight. 

When choosing a lens, the important thing is to adjust to the needs and preferences. For example, if most photographed scenery is certainly a very large lens opening (f / 1.4-2.8) is not so important, choosing a lens berbukaan'm like f / 4), then the default becomes more compact.

Choosing a fixed lens (which can not zoom) is another alternative for those who do not mind to move much when shooting. 

But for photographers who demand the best quality lens with long zoom facility, a fast focus motor and stabilizer steady, then unfortunately the size and weight of the lens would definitely big and heavy and it is a necessity. [SUMBER]

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