5 Top Rated Fashion Brands in Korea

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ANEH92 - Outbreaks of fashion not only born out of Paris or New York. In Asia, many fashion style youth-oriented to Harajuku Japan, Korea also heating up lately. Korean fashion even flood the Indonesian market. 

5 Top Rated Fashion Brands in Korea
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If you are a fashion enthusiast Korea, immediately try to visit there to shop five of the most popular brands of South Korea as quoted by CNN: 


"Spain has Zara, Korea has 8seconds," said InStyle magazine fashion editor Korean Sujin Yang. This relatively new Brands in the fashion world. Launched in 2012 to compete with foreign fashion to Korea. Manufacturer 8seconds was already planning to open a boutique business expansion overseas, 2014. 

The uniqueness of the design lies in the play of bright colors, such as neon color pants, jackets silver, and retro dresses. 

Lucky Chouette 

This boutique presents the design of Kim Jae-Hyun, who was chosen to be part of Seoul 10 Soul --proyek fashion launched the Seoul government to promote local designers. Prominent feature of this designer: casual style with a loose blouse and a short skirt. 

Steve J. & Yoni P 

After the debut of their first collection at London Fashion Week in 2007, the work of the designer duo has always managed to attract attention at the Opening Ceremony of London Fashion Week. 

In Korea, they are increasingly rising popularity. Steve and Yoni creating ready-made clothing with an unusual design. This season, they made ​​the flower garden as inspiration. Some of the clothing sold in Hannam-dong, identical to the motif floral prints. 

Beyond Closet 

Label menswear designer Ko Tae Yong-owned famous after making clothing for the Korean drama 'Boys Over Flowers'. Launched in 2008, the label was created by the classical model jacket, baseball costumes for several universities, and sports jackets. For men aged two or three decades that like the style of masculinity, dresses design could be an option. 

Jain Song 

Jain is known as a sophisticated fashion brand and clean. The designer Kim Dong Soon indeed succeeded in creating a variety of clothing, before launching this label. 

Since the store opened in Hannam-dong, this boutique quickly became a favorite hangout Korean youth. This boutique is equipped with a cafe and a beautiful garden. [SUMBER]

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