The Adverse Effects Of Fast Food

Posted by Invisible YT

ANEH92 - Junk Food that is the sebuatn for fast food that may be familiar to our ears. Fast food is indeed very tempting to be enjoyed and will allow us to consume.

Moreover, fast food is available a wide variety that can we adjust our appetite. However, without you know the foods that help us turn out to have adverse effects on health.

Well, following the adverse effects caused by fast food for health:

1. Increase in Its Very Fast Weight Loss

Food junk food is very tempting to eat because it has a delicious taste especially if eaten with family or friends nearby. However, with continuous eating junk food will lead to high rates of obesity.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

Junk Food can put the children into a high risk that type 2 diabetes, which occurs when a person can not properly regulate blood sugar.

3. Malnutrition

4. Cardiovascular Disease

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