Artists Use Drugs for Exhaustion After Shooting

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ANEH92 - Many Indonesian artists who are victims of drug trafficking. As if the entertainment world country is closely related to illicit goods.

Last senior comedian, Tessy Srimulat caught taking methamphetamine. Among the young, two names such as VM and K which are actors and actresses FTV BNN netted a routine operation. Both positive for illicit drug, happy five.

Do not want to suffer the same fate with them, Marina Sans has its own tips in order to avoid the drug.

"We also have to be clever select friends. Do not want to join in when it was offered to use drugs. Must be able to stay away, "said Marina when found in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The actress was born March 18, 1990 it claimed to have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle can dispel the intake-intake that is not good, as well as drugs.

"Usually, they know drugs because of fatigue on the set and find ways to stay fit but how wrong," he continued.

Meanwhile, the problems that beset by a person becomes one of the triggers of drug use. For this case, the Marina has advised that a person hit by the problem should be open with close friends, if not minimal with family.

"There's a really easy way if lonely. One of them is joking with friends, the mood also can make without having to use drugs, "he said.

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