Fakta Terslubung Pria Korea Sulit Memiliki Istri

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ANEH92 - Korea is a peninsula in East Asia. Divided into two states, namely North Korea and South Korea, although both countries have a different political opinion, but they are still one family with a similar culture. Korean word itself actually berasalah of the famous Korean dynasty that Gorveo (935-1392). Korean people including yellow or Mongoloid race with a population of 73 million (2007) to the ethnic composition of the most widely followed ethnic Korean foreigners such as China, Japan, Southeast Asia and South Asia. The official language of Korea (North Korea and South Korea) is a Korean. The style of the original Korean culture is now diverse, in fact originated or formed from a variety of art and dance. 

Fakta Terslubung Pria Korea Sulit Memiliki Istri

Wife Has a Difficult 2020 

Lately Korean parents tend to want boys than girls, and in one family is only allowed to have the second child. With the trend of course is estimated at 2020 men in Korea will have difficulty in getting the wife of the original Korean. For the Korean people have the boys in a family is the main thing, a pride, as well as the descendants of the family has a successor. So what happened this time, in part Koreans know if pregnant and the fetus is female then they prefer to abort. We need to know that abortion or an abortion is a legal action in Korea, meaning that any woman may abort with ease, there are many-Klink clinics and hospitals that serve the abortion. 

One trend in the Korean parents is exactly what makes the ratio of baby girls and men become unbalanced, unchanged from the previous lot of women, now the reverse. Also, Korean men difficult to get wives of Koreans is because thinking Korean women tend to be more modern, high standard of living. So now we are not surprised a lot of Korean men who had wives of Vietnam and the Philippines, either through direct contact or by matchmaking is now emerging. 

Nanati 2020, estimated that Korean men are also difficult to get a wife who is the same age or that age is not far adrift, they will get much older wife or a term now with aunts or grandmothers. The Korean government itself seeks to anticipate by imposing an hour off the lights, that is when these hours will go home and above all, so that husband and wife "get together". The government also made a policy to provide benefits to families who have more than 2 children, or start child number 3 and so on, while the size of benefits tailored to the age of the child.

The goal of the program is to ensure that families in Korea would add to her children, a little different in Indonesia is not it ?. Government policy is now a different attitude to the policy used very heavily on family planning in which the high population growth will disrupt their economy, the opposite happened and the adolescent population to decrease their economic productivity is reduced. 

If this trend can be overcome by the Korean government, it will not be worrying about, whereas if the trend of Korean parents are still well maintained, it is not possible Korean men will be difficult to get the wife of the original Korean. Influx of Koreans to Korean Men of iron and the countries around it "just" to get the wife to be great, then are you ready Indonesian women? (OKW)

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