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ANEH92 - Intrigued by the form of the first computer in the world? Or, even more curious as to what products are the first Apple gadget? Thus, the Computer History Museum in California is the right place.

Today, computers known as a super-compact device. Stay plugged into an electric socket and then in shutdown when finished using.

 Museum Ini Berisi Komputer Tertua & Apple Pertama di Dunia

However, at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California, USA, things are not that easy. Although actually, still presented in an entertaining and enjoyable display.

DetikTravel visit the Computer Museum which claimed the most complete in the world is amazed at the collection of the original museum, Thursday (27/8). From generation forerunner calculating machines and computers, the first generation of a physical computer to a closet until the era of software, Apple and Google Street date.

Not only in the form of desktop computers are known, but various other forms such as computers purposes of NASA and marine sonar submarine. All presented in a multimedia so that visitors are able to feel the emotion and passion of the trip computer from time to time.

The most interesting is the first computer in the world that was made in 1834. There is a typo? No. Computers for wardrobe named The Babbage Engine is indeed made much before the 20th century.However, at that time calculator machine created by Charles Babbage (1791-1871) does not work or fail. But in 1991, a number of computer experts managed to operate Babbage Engine and prove innovations Charles Baggage is not mistaken.

Another collection that drew the attention of the first generation Apple as Apple 1 to the Apple Lisa. Including a collection of software Apple MacPaint 1.3, one of the pioneering graphical software continues to be refined.

It takes at least 2 to 3 hours to complete the tour of the museum if you want to see one by one collection. Understandably, the total collection reached thousands were divided into 20 exhibition booths. The first pavilion is the early history of computer then continues over time until the date in chambers to 20. Tickets at USD 15 to be not in vain.

Quick change from time to time is called the Computer History Museum as Revolution, a tagline written large on the main door. Attracted to it?


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