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ANEH92 - Enjoy the scenery as well manyantap savory food is becoming more value for everyone who wants to launch or stop by the middle of the trip. Especially when going with family while looking at the beautiful pond and various sights.

Most popular floating restaurant in the world is in addition to serving delicious food in this place there is also a beautiful view of the sea or river that can upload mekan taste of the visitors. A variety of delicacies ranging from steak, sea food and drinks typical shades on the boat.

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Floating restaurant in the world following terpopuer is often visited by many tourists from abroad who intentionally want to visit to taste typical dishes on the boat. There is truly mengasikan if we eat on the water aboard a ship seemed like the world famous luxurious.

1. The Plastic Dining Room, Canada
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Restaurants in Vancouver This is the dining room in the world's first floating made from 1,675 recycled plastic soda bottles. A total of 12 people can dine at the luxurious nights here with six dishes prepared C Restaurant. Grain made from environmentally friendly seafood. Because the restaurant was initiated by the School of Fish Foundation, which aims to raise funds to open eco-friendly seafood program in culinary schools around the world.

2. Rustar Floating Restaurant, United Arab Emirates
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Most popular floating restaurant in the world this time there Rustar, is the largest wooden floating restaurant in the world that provide luxurious dining experience away from the bustle of the streets of Dubai. Renovated traditional boat with Arabic theme, complete with air conditioning and a waterfall rocks at its entrance. Customers can stare at the scenic beauty of the city at night while enjoying a dish of Moven Pick Hotel. The three deck vessel is available with a capacity of 397 people. Here too there is entertainment in the form of live music and dance tanoura.

3. Petit Verdot Floating Restaurant, South Africa
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Petit Verdot doubles as well as a floating restaurant aboard a luxury hotel. As a restaurant, Petit Verdot can accommodate 70 guests seated or 80 standing guests. Dinner by candlelight and moonlight so superior. While cruising on the Vaal River for three hours, guests can enjoy dining on the ground floor closed or open on the upper floor. Buffet dishes prepared by the Riviera Hotel on the mainland.

4. BBQ Donuts Floating Restaurant Tables, Germany
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Most popular floating restaurant in the world BBQ Donut may be less accurately described as a restaurant because it is more like a combination dining table, tool burnt, lounge, and a boat that floats. Donut giant inflatable electric can load 10 people. You can use it in a lake, ocean, or pool. BBQ Donut can move at a speed of 4 km per hour. Atmosphere even make a living so much fun with the chant music from a speaker system installed in it.

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