Hunt Sunrise at the summit of Mount Kukusan

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ANEH92 - Many people hunt the morning sun on the various mountain peaks. One was from Mount Kukusan in Hamlet Wonokerto, Ngargoretno Village, District Salaman, Magelang, Central Java.

The mountain is directly adjacent to a tea plantation in the village Nglinggo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. To get there can be reached via Yogyakarta and Magelang. Generally the tourists choose through Jogya.

They lovers sunrise usually to Mount Kukusan using private vehicles both motorcycles and cars. Because there is no public transport to the natural attractions. Felisia

To reach Mount Kukusan in Hamlet Wonokerto, Ngargoretno village, Magelang, visitors enter through Nglinggo Tourism Village, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. ( Felisiani)

From the city of Yogyakarta, the trip can be started from Godean, Progo River Bridge, Kentheng intersection turn right, turn left Dekso intersection, T-junction turn right Plono market, Tea Garden Nglinggo.

Or when using public transport can from the Bus Terminal, then take the bus and get off at the majors Wates Wates Terminal and then go hire a motorcycle taxi. Or can also take a train from Tugu Station to Wates, get off at the station and further Wates ride motorcycles.

Wates train to station is not available all the time, trains could use the train route Yogya-Prembun Prameks 04.30, 06:35, and 17:26 pm, with a ticket price of Rp 15,000. Kukusan mountain has two peaks, namely Kendeng Peak and Peak Dempok.

The cost is also quite cheap at $ 3,000 per person when entering into Nglinggo Tourism Village, and US $ 2000 per person when going up to Mount Kukusan Tourism. As well as the fee for parking of vehicles.

From the parking area in the tea garden, visitors must walk about 200 meters or 15 minutes to Mount Kukusan through the trail and sandy soil. There will be two walkways to two distinct peaks.

The footpath to the left toward the top Dempok lower. While the footpath to the right to Kendeng peak, the highest peak. Both peaks have a compelling and beautiful scenery.

Usually a lot of people spend time in Puncak Dempok, the article highlight Dempok fairly wide and there are a few simple chairs made of bamboo. So that visitors can sit back mingle, berfotoria, while enjoying the scenery.

There is a sensation type A was at Mount Kukusan, fog and breezes as well as increase your forest grove perfect natural beauty.

If sunny weather, visitors can look Sindoro, Cleft, Merapi and Merbabu very clearly. Tinge the sun from behind the mountains, increasingly add a love of the natural resources in their own country.

Satisfied enjoy the sunrise, visitors can go back down and walk leisurely in the tea garden. There are available simple stalls that offer snacks and drinks.

Some other tourist locations that can dikunjung besides Mount Kukusan and the tea gardens Jaran Hill, Pine Forest, relay Pandang, Hill Widosari, Watu divan, and Niagara Watu Jonggol.

If want to get there, visitors must make absolutely sure that the vehicle is brought in good condition, especially the brakes. Because going through the terrain uphill, terjak and winding.

Plus the road conditions there also should be a concern because although the course of asphalt smooth but not too wide. So if there are two cars passed, the car had to yield to a stop on the roadside.

So what are you waiting, soon enter Mount Kukusan to list your next travel destination. Although it is quite easy to climb Mount Kukusan but remains unrivaled natural beauty.


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